Serum Eye Drops

Dry Eye Treatment

Many people continually suffer from severe dry eyes, and for a variety of reasons. Several interventions can be ordered by optometrists, such as aggressive artificial tear regimes and/or punctual plugs, but they don’t always resolve the dry eye condition.

Fortunately, the National Blood Service (NBS) has recently developed an alternative to these artificial drops called Autologous serum drops. These drops are made from a patient’s own blood, and naturally contain ingredients that are known to speed up healing and increase lubrication of the surface of the eye.

The drops are made using the clear part (serum) of your blood, and are then combined with sterile saline and bottled into dropper bottles. The drops contain no additives or preservatives.

Eye drops made from a person’s own serum are superior to artificial tears for relieving signs and symptoms of severe dry eyes. The autologous serum contains essential components for maintaining eye surface health. None of the commercially available artificial tear preparations contain growth factors, vitamin A, and other natural components, which have been shown to play an important role in maintaining eye health.

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