Questions to ask when you are faced with eye surgery

Our eyes are our most valuable and delicate organs, and taking good care of them requires a certain amount of effort, especially as we grow older.


In some instances, people will develop problems, such as cataracts, that will require eye surgery.  Other times, a patient may choose to undergo elective eye surgery, such as a LASIK procedure to improve their vision.


Regardless of the procedure, you need to approach any eye surgery with a high degree of due diligence, making sure to do your homework so that you understand the procedure, and more important, the doctor who will perform it.


There are several things you should look for and questions you should ask as part of this process.


How did you find the doctor?  Was he referred by your optometrist?


What is the doctor’s experience with the type of surgery you will have?


In an initial meeting, did the doctor explain the procedure clearly, along with risks and expected outcomes?


Was the doctor’s staff cheerful, professional and friendly?


Did you have a long or a short waiting time in the lobby during your initial appointment?


Did someone explain billing and payment processes clearly?


What is the office policy on follow-up visits?  Will you meet with the surgeon, or with someone else?


Has there ever been a problem with eye infections in the office that have affected several patients at one time?


Are you comfortable with the doctor?  Is he friendly and does he have a calming effect?


Does the doctor take the time to explain any highly technical aspects of your proposed procedure, putting your fears at ease?


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