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The Intralase system means all-laser LASIK, or iLASIK, and is used for the first step of the procedure. In the early days of LASIK, an instrument called a microkeratome, a hand-held spinning razor blade, was used to create the corneal flap. With all-laser iLASIK this step is performed with a special laser called IntraLase which creates a thinner and more precise flap that enables the tissue to heal much faster and with greater strength. iLASIK also permits more people to have LASIK as it resolves some issues the microkreatome was unable to address.


  • Gold standard for LASIK – #1 laser for US Eye Surgeons
  • Approved for US military pilots and astronauts(NASA)
  • AMO-VISX patent portfolio & FDA approvals exceed ALL other lasers
  • WAVEFRONT GUIDED (AMO-VISX) is superior to Wavefront Optimized (Wavelight Allegretto) for
    aberrated corneas
  • FOURIER aberrometer mathematical reconstruction, NOT the less precise Zernike polynomials
    or simple K values (Wavelight Allegretto)
  • VARIABLE SPOT SCANNING (VSS): Variable laser beam sizes from 0.65 mm to 6.5 mm scan cornea. Conserves corneal tissue with faster treatment times
  • VARIABLE REPETITION RATE (VRR): Less energy build-up for faster healing
  • ACTIVETRAK™ 3-D ACTIVE EYE TRACKING with automatic centering is the first FDA-approved tracker to track eye movements along the X, Y and Z axes.
  • The most advanced technology currently available, the Abbott Medical Optics iLASIK system (VISX-AMO)

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