The next generation of laser vision correction….

In recent years, LASIK has made numerous advancements in refining and perfecting laser vision correction.  Those advancements are continuing into the next generation of eye care with the introduction of presbyLASIK.


Still in U.S. clinical trials, presbyLASIK, also known as multifocal LASIK or bifocal LASIK, is a correction surgery that changes the shape of a patient’s eyes to create different focal zones.  This allows a person to see in focus at various distances, using the same principle as bifocal reading glasses.


PresbyLASIK has been performed in other countries for years already and provides an exciting new option for correcting conditions that cause a person’s near vision to blur as their natural lens starts to lose its ability to focus.  This condition, known as presbyopia generally starts to appear in people around age 40, and typically the solution has been to prescribe bifocal glasses or contact lenses.


Advanced technology is now allowing for the creation of multiple focus zones to be incorporated into artificial lenses that allow users to see clearly objects that are near, at an intermediate distance or far away.  Until now, conventional LASIK surgery only allowed for an eye’s surface to be reshaped to focus on either near or far distances.


After an excimer laser reshapes a cornea into different zones, a patient’s brain then selects which zone it needs to see the best at either a near, intermediate or far distance away.  Depending on a patient’s particular set of circumstances, a doctor can employ different presbyLASIK techniques to achieve multi-focal success.


FDA studies are still underway, but results do look promising for this next generation of laser vision correction.


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