LATISSEImagine having long, lush and beautiful eyelashes – without gluing in falsies or even applying mascara. Latisse is the revolutionary treatment that can help you grow long, beautiful lashes – quickly and painlessly. Our Denver Latisse treatments can help you create gorgeous, more defined eyes in a matter of only a few weeks.

Latisse, approved by the FDA to treat inadequate eyelashes, was originally created to treat glaucoma. However, it was quickly determined that a side effect of the drug encouraged longer, faster-growing eyelashes. Naturally, Latisse is now used with this primary goal in mind.

Latisse is a topical medication that when applied regularly along the upper lash line, produces longer, thicker and darker eyelashes. You’ll be able to see the full results of your Denver Latisse treatment after about two months of regular, dedicated use.

Denver Latisse Treatments for More Beautiful Eyes

As long as you continue to use Latisse, you’ll keep your lush, long, beautiful eyelashes. However, Latisse does not produce permanent results, and once you quit the medication you will notice a gradual thinning of your lashes, until they are back to your normal length, color and and thickness.

To make the most of your Denver Latisse treatment, be sure to follow these guidelines:

Create a habit: For the best results, you’ll need to apply Latisse regularly. Making sure it’s part of your nightly beauty regimen is a great way to quickly form a habit of applying Latisse.

Follow directions: Your doctor at Boulder Eyes / Beyer LASIK is here to help you look younger and more beautiful. That said, you need to follow our instructions to achieve the best results. Always use the sterile, FDA-approved applicator that comes in your Latisse kit.

Be patient: Don’t try to use Latisse more than directed in order to speed up your results. The treatment is meant to reach maximum results over the course of a couple of months, so be patient and you’ll be seeing beautiful, longer lashes in no time.

If it’s time you had longer, thicker and darker lashes, schedule your Denver Latisse treatment today!

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