LASIK Surgery

Laser Vision Correction Surgery

LASIK, or Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis, is a non-invasive surgery of the eye that is used to reshape the top layer of the cornea, allowing images to focus properly on the retina. Advancements in technology have made LASIK increasingly safer and more effective since its inception during the late 1990s. Those suffering from nearsightedness, far sightedness, and even astigmatism can benefit from LASIK eye surgery.

How Lasik Works

LASIK eye surgery creates a thin flap in the surface of the cornea. The doctor will then lift that flap so that the layer of the cornea to be treated is exposed. Once the surgery is complete, the corneal flap is returned to its place, and it will bond to the treated cornea on its own. Traditionally, the corneal flap is created using a blade, but there are now new bladeless procedures that have made this unnecessary. Have you ever flinched when an object got too close to your eye? Even people who regularly wear contacts can feel uncomfortable with directly touching the eye—it’s your body’s natural reaction. So when you hear how LASIK eye surgery reshapes the cornea, you may think it’s a painful eye procedure, but it’s not. A LASIK procedure is actually quite painless. To ease our patients’ concerns, the Boulder Eyes / Beyer LASIK staff has answered some commonly asked questions below. The LASIK technician creates a thin flap in the surface level of the cornea. Once the incision is made, the technician will lift the flap to gain access to the cornea. Reshaping the cornea can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism (refractive error of the eye). The flap will bond to the cornea as part of the recovery process. Besides traditional LASIK, patients have the option of choosing a bladeless LASIK technique. What’s the difference between LASIK and Bladeless LASIK? It’s the tools used during the procedures. LASIK uses a blade to create a flap. Bladeless LASIK uses laser technology to create a precise and even flap in the surface of the cornea. Common types of bladeless LASIK include IntraLase, Femtec, Visumax, and zLASIK.

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Is LASIK Safe?

In this day and age, LASIK has become one of the most popular elective eye procedures, and it’s going to continue to be in demand because of the range of benefits and the painless experience. LASIK boasts an excellent safety record. At Boulder Eyes / Beyer LASIK, our LASIK technicians are highly skilled and trained to operate with LASIK technology. A precise LASIK treatment will result in improved vision and very low risk of post-procedure complications.

Does LASIK Hurt?

No, LASIK is painless. With the help of anesthetic eye drops your eye will be numb, so the only thing you might feel during the procedure is a slight pressure. In regards to recovery, you may be prescribed artificial tears and mild pain reliever to relieve any discomfort, dryness, or irritation. To ease your fears about LASIK, we encourage you to talk to one of our optometrists at Boulder Eyes / Beyer LASIK.

LASIK Recovery Time

LASIK eye surgery has helped countless people see better with a painless procedure and a quick recovery time. Boulder Eyes / Beyer LASIK has become a leading provider of this elective eye surgery, and the brevity of LASIK recovery time makes the decision to improve your vision an easy one.

How Much Does LASIK Cost?

Depending on your surgical provider and which treatment option is selected, the cost of LASIK vision correction can vary. The most advanced laser technology, which eliminates the need for a blade, is more expensive. In the long run, LASIK is an investment that can pay for itself, as patients save on the costs associated with contacts and glasses over time. If you would like to learn more about options and pricing, contact Beyer Laser Center: Boulder Eyes for additional information.

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