About Lasik Eye Surgery in Boulder

LASIK Eye surgery or Laser Assisted in SITU Keratomileusis is a common procedure we perform at our eye center in Boulder, Colorado. Boulder Eyes hope to help patients to reduce or eliminate the need for corrective lens or eyeglasses with this surgical procedure. Our experienced optical team can evaluate each patient to determine whether or not they’re a candidate for LASIK eye surgery or not. The overall goal of LASIK eye surgery is to bend or refract the light rays so that they can focus better on the retain instead of at points that are short or beyond the retain.

The LASIK Eye Procedure

LASIK eye surgery treats poor or partial loss of vision. Other candidates include those with nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia, an age-related change in the eye leading to gradual loss of vision. A LASIK technician creates a thin flap on the surface of the cornea with the help of a microkeratome, a handheld spinning razor blade. Once this incision is made, the flap is lifted to gain access to the cornea itself. Reshaping the cornea can correct a variety of eye ailments. The flap itself will bond to the cornea during the recovery process. Reshaping is done with IntraLase, a special laser that creates a thin and more precise flap allowing the tissue to heal faster and stronger. Lasik eye surgery at Boulder Eye generally takes less than ten minutes per eye.

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Boulder Eyes in Boulder, Colorado offers consultations to those interested in LASIK eye surgery. A consultation allows our optical team to evaluate each patient and their existing or past medical history to determine whether the surgery is the right choice for them. If they are not a candidate, we do offer a variety of other refractive procedures. To schedule this appointment today, call our office at 303-499-2020.

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