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Everyone, from children to teenagers and mature adults, can benefit from the Comprehensive Eye Care provided by Boulder Eyes/Beyer LASIK.

Eye Conditions

Some of the exceptional services our staff provides include routine eye care, retinal disease and diabetic eye care, glaucoma treatment and corneal disease treatment. We also offer several eye surgery options. BoulderEyes/Beyer LASIK utilizes the most sophisticated technology to provide Laser Vision Correction in order to help our patients achieve the best possible vision. The routine eye care provided by BoulderEyes/Beyer LASIK can help detect the onset of eye problems, providing an opportunity to correct such problems before they develop into full-fledged issues.


Cataracts can occur from various causes: hypertension, long term exposure to the sun, age and trauma. They can also occur if you have an iodine deficiency in your diet. No matter how your Cataracts form, it is important to get them checked out by an eye doctor and possibly taken out so you can see clearer. Cataracts can be either hard or soft and can vary in size. The larger a cataract becomes, the more it will impede your vision and cause problems. You no longer need to wait until they are creating significant visual problems before you have them removed. Please contact our office to learn about the advanced technology lenses available to reduce the need for glasses at far and near that can be implanted when your natural cloudy lens is removed.

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The most common corneal disease, it is actually a thinning of the cornea itself. As the disease progresses and the cornea becomes thinner, it eventually bulges outward to create somewhat of a cone shape. Known as astigmatism, this disease can be corrected with prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses.

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Did you know diabetes increases the risk of developing other serious health problems? Uncontrolled diabetes has been known to damage the blood vessels and nerves, which run through the entire body. The retina contains a number of delicate blood vessels, which can become weak due to diabetic retinopathy. When those blood vessels become weak, blood and other types of liquid can leak into the retina and cause blurred vision and possibly even total blindness.

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Glaucoma is an eye condition that ultimately damages the optic nerve, and glaucoma gets worse over time. The function of the optic nerve is to transmit images to the brain, and excessive pressure on nerve will affect how you see images. It’s important to receive treatment for glaucoma because too much pressure on the optic nerve can cause serious vision problems, including blindness.

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Dry Eyes

Many people continually suffer from severe dry eyes, and for a variety of reasons. Several interventions can be ordered by optometrists, such as aggressive artificial tear regimes and/or punctual plugs, but they don’t always resolve the dry eye condition. Boulder Eyes / Beyer LASIK is one of the very few offices in the country that utilizes and offers the cutting edge treatment option, Serum Eye Drops.

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Treatment Options

From routine eye exams to advanced eye procedures such as LASIK, you can depend on Boulder Eyes / Beyer LASIK. As the top provider of vision eye care in the Boulder area, we offer a wide range of services to protect the health of your eyes and help you see clearly. Eye surgery is sometimes the only option to improve your vision if it is impaired due to cataract, myopia, astigmatism, or other conditions. Boulder Eyes / Beyer LASIK performs four major surgical procedures in Boulder and Denver, including LASIK, PRK, cataract and multifocal IOL surgeries. Whether you are simply in need of a checkup or are suffering from potentially dangerous conditions like glaucoma or retinal disease, Boulder Eyes / Beyer LASIK is the most trusted eye care center near Denver.

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Routine Eye Care

If you are looking for an eye doctor in Boulder that you can rely on, our staff can cover all of your essential eye care needs. Routine eye care is crucial to ensuring that the eyes are properly developing and to prevent complications in the future. If you are in need of glasses, our eye care specialists will help you find the right prescription.

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Cataract Surgery

Cataracts can be surgically treated by removing all or parts of the lens and then replacing it with an intraocular lens (IOL). Cataract Surgery repairs your distant vision, but you may need to use reading glasses after the surgery. IOLs are inserted under local anesthesia during a surgical procedure that takes about 30 minutes. Recovery from cataract surgery takes about one to two weeks.

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Multifocal IOL

Unlike traditional cataract IOLs, Multifocal IOLs can restore both your near and distant vision, eliminating your need for reading glasses all together. At BoulderEyes/Beyer LASIK, we offer a few different Multifocal IOLs, including ReZoom Intraocular Lens IOL and AcrySof Restor IOL. Multifocal IOLs are inserted into your eyes similarly to traditional IOLs using local anesthesia.

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Refractive Lens Exchange

During refractive lens exchange, the eye’s natural lens is replaced by an advanced multifocal or accommodating intraocular lens. This procedure is best suited for older patients who use reading glasses to rectify nearsightedness or farsightedness. Since only a small incision is required, recovery time is quick and patients are able to return to normal activities within 24-48 hours.

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Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, or LASIK, is a refractive surgery used to correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. LASIK is done with a laser to reshape the cornea of your eye. LASIK improves your vision and eliminates the need for corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses. The LASIK procedure takes only 20 to 30 minutes and is usually very painless. LASIK surgery is not for everyone and thus it is essential that you schedule a consultation with the professionals at BoulderEyes/Beyer LASIK to discuss your options.

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Photorefractive keratectomy, or PRK, is another refractive surgery for vision improvement. However, where LASIK surgery involves the creation of corneal flap, PRK is done without a corneal flap. This reduces complications during and after the procedure. PRK surgery can also sometimes be done when LASIK is not a suitable option due to corneas that are too thin. Recovery from PRK takes longer and can cause more discomfort than LASIK. In some cases, it can take several weeks for your vision to improve after PRK surgery.

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Corneal Collagen Cross Linking

To help treat patients with keratoconus, Corneal Collagen Cross Linking (CXL) can strengthen the cornea as well as prevent further vision loss. Keratoconus weakens, thins, and bulges the cornea forward into the shape of a cone, resulting in poor vision. Fortunately, studies have shown that CXL successfully treats keratoconus and often prevents the need for a corneal transplant.

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Intacs corneal implants can be used to treat kerataconus eye disease as well as correct nearsightedness or astigmatism in those patients when functional vision is not achievable with glasses or contacts. During the intacts procedure, a small incision is made in the cornea, and the intacts are inserted into the eye.

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Serum Eye Drops

Many people continually suffer from severe dry eyes, and for a variety of reasons. Several interventions can be ordered by optometrists, such as aggressive artificial tear regimes and/or punctual plugs, but they don’t always resolve the dry eye condition. Boulder Eyes / Beyer LASIK is one of the very few offices in the country that utilize and offer this cutting edge treatment option.

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Glaucoma Treatments

Treatment of glaucoma is one of the many advanced eye care treatments we provide. Glaucoma is a disease that targets the optic nerve and causes high fluid pressure in the eye. Our eye care specialists will evaluate your eyes to determine the best possible course of treatment, which can range from beta blockers to laser surgery.

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Retinal Disease

There are a wide range of different retinal diseases such as retinal detachment, retinopathy, and macular degeneration. As your premier eye care center in Boulder, we stress the importance of regular eye exams. Some retinal diseases progress very slowly, and it is important to detect any issues as soon as possible. We will find out what is causing your vision loss and what is the best treatment option available.

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