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How much does LASIK cost?

Woman's EyesWe offer 3 different treatment plans: Gold, Gold Value, and Bronze plans. The Bronze Plan, at $495/eye, is the least expensive and the Gold Plan, at $2095/eye is the most advanced technology.

Plan prices vary depending upon the optical zone size treated (6 mm or 8 mm), the type of software technology purchased (eg. Custom vs Traditional vs PTK), as well as the length of time you purchase free postoperative care and enhancements.

Please note that not everyone qualifies for any or all of the plans offered. In other words, we must assess your age, pupil size, your degree of spherical and astigmatic refractive errors, your degree of higher order aberrations, your corneal thickness, etc. All of these things are determined at the time of your complimentary consult. Once we determine your personal parameters, we can tell you which plan would be best for you as well as what your total cost will be.

Price Guarantee – we will match or beat the price from any competitor. *

*Must bring quote on competitor’s letterhead to your free consultation appointment. Price match is for same technology.

LASIK is an approved FSA and HSA expense!

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