Complimentary LASIK Consultation

Complimentary LASIK exam and consultation

Make an appointment to receive a Complimentary LASIK exam and consultation. We will examine your eyes, give you our advice and answer any questions that you might have.

You might be wondering about the condition of your eyes or you might want to know about a specific condition that you have. You might also want to know which treatment options are available for your condition. We feel that there’s no reason to charge you for any of that.

What to Expect From an Appointment

Your appointment will begin with a thorough overview of your medical history. You will then receive a corneal topography exam that looks at the curvature of your cornea. We will provide three different measurements to make sure that we fully understand your cornea’s health.

We will then use Wavefront diagnostics to create a 3D diagram of your optical system, which will help us determine whether you should get laser eye surgery and determine other treatment options that are available to you.

Next, we will look at your pupil size with a pupilometer. Your pupil size will influence how we perform the surgery and will help us reduce halos and glare after the surgery.

A surgeon will directly examine the inside and outside of your eyes to make sure that they are healthy. They will recommend treatment options if they are not.

We serve as your consultant and will help you choose which treatment option you would like to use. Not only is the exam free, but it does not take longer than an hour, and you can drive home immediately afterward.

Discussing Financing Options for after the Complimentary Consultation

We will not put any pressure on you to have surgery. If you choose to have surgery, we will discuss the many financing options available to you. We will also determine if your insurance company will reimburse you for the surgery. There are many ways to make LASIK eye surgery affordable, including our no interest financing options.

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