Eye Glasses in Boulder, Colorado

When it comes to routine eye care, Boulder Eyes offers comprehensive eye exams as well as eye glasses, and contact lens to their patients. Regular eye exams are necessary to ensure one’s prescription is always at its best. Wearing the wrong prescription can lead to eye strain, eye pain, and headaches. Preventative eye care is valuable for children as their eye problems will be easier to fix if they aren’t left unnoticed.

Eyeglass Options

At Boulder Eyes, we offer a large variety of shapes, sizes, and colors of eyeglasses for children, young adults and adults. Before we can offer you a pair of eyeglasses, you will need a comprehensive eye exam to detect any changes in your correct prescription or to prescribe eyeglasses if you haven’t had them before. Ultimately, your glasses are a part of your personality. We offer different styles from top eyewear brands and designers to help to complete anyone’s look. You will find some of the latest trends in eyewear at our Boulder Colorado office.

Some things to consider when choosing eyeglasses are face shape, skin tone, lifestyle, and personality. Certain eyeglass frames will suit certain faces whether round, square, rectangular, or even rimless. A warm skin tone may look better with browns, gold, or honey, beige, olive green, or even light tortoise. However, a cool skin tone will look great with colors such as pink, purple, blue, mauve, and even black. Whatever the case, choose a pair of eyeglasses that feels and looks to your standards.

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When you’re interested in getting a new pair of eyeglasses and it’s time for an eye exam, contact Boulder Eyes. Our Boulder Colorado eye center can help you to find a great pair of glasses to suit your needs. To schedule an appointment today, call 303-499-2020.

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