What to Expect at an Eye Exam in Boulder

When you schedule an eye exam appointment at Boulder Eyes, you will endure a variety of tests and/or procedures to examine your eyes. These tests will help a doctor to fully evaluate your vision and the overall health of your eyes. Our expert team is well versed in knowing which tests and procedures will benefit each patient, whether a child, young adult or adult.

Eye Exam Tests and Procedures

Some of the most common tests during an eye exam are visual acuity tests. These are conducted to measure your vision’s sharpness. This is performed with an eye chart, which measures your distance visual acuity as well as a hand-held acuity to measure your near vision. A screening test that tests color vision is often performed around this time of an eye exam too. A cover test is done to see how your eyes work together. During this test, an eye doctor watches to see if you have a lazy eye or not while testing your focus on objects around the room.

Eye movement testing is also done to see how well your eyes can follow moving objects. Depth perception tests are performed with 3D glasses to tests you on which object appears raised. Retinoscopy is performed with dimmed room lights to get an approximate eyeglass prescription. A refraction test can also help with one’s prescription by using a phoropter in front of the eyes to ask if two different options provide a clearer vision. The process continues until two clear pictures are seen in both eyes. This test also determines someone’s farsightedness, nearsightedness, presbyopia or astigmatism. While these are just some of the tests performed during an eye exam at our Boulder eye center, you can see that eye care is tailored to the needs of each patient at our professional facility.

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Eye exams are recommended one yearly for those wearing eyeglasses and contact lens. To schedule an eye exam at our Boulder eye center, call our office today at 303-499-2020

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