The do’s and dont’s of caring for your eye glasses

Eyeglasses are an investment in good vision, and as it is with all of your investments, you should take great care in protecting them.  Here are some things you should and should not do when it comes to taking care of your eyeglasses.



  • Protect them in a hard shell case when you’re transporting them. Make sure the case is the right size for your glasses.
  • Use both hands when putting on and taking off your glasses. Using only one hand can cause them to become misaligned or even break if repeatedly put on or taken off the wrong way.
  • Clean your glasses regularly, preferably at least once a day. Use warm water and a drop or two of dish detergent.  Dry them gently with a cotton cloth or a microfiber cloth.
  • Use only sprays and chemicals that are designed specifically to clean glasses.



  • Wipe lenses when they are dry. It can cause scratches to the lens.
  • Don’t put unprotected glasses in your pocket or purse. Always use a case.
  • Don’t use your shirt to clean your glasses. Clothing can have dirt and oils on them.
  • Don’t leave glasses in a hot car. This can cause permanent damage to the lens and frame.
  • Don’t use spit to clean your lens. There are oils in your mouth that can damage the lens.
  • Do not use window cleaner or other ammonia based products to clean your glasses.
  • Never use paper towels or tissues to clean your lens. Although subtle, they do have textures that can leave scratches.
  • Don’t lay your glasses down directly on the lens. Always use the frame as a prop.


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