Diabetic Eye Care

Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment

Did you know diabetes increases the risk of developing other serious health problems? Uncontrolled diabetes has been known to damage the blood vessels and nerves, which run through the entire body. The retina contains a number of delicate blood vessels, which can become weak due to diabetic retinopathy. When those blood vessels become weak, blood and other types of liquid can leak into the retina and cause blurred vision and possibly even total blindness.

What is Diabetic Retinopathy?

When blood sugar levels remain too high, diabetic retinopathy will continue to progress. This leads to new blood vessels forming on the retina. However, these blood vessels are very weak and may even break open during sleep. When blood leaks into the middle part of the eye in front of the retina, it can cause a change in vision and the formation of scar tissue. This may lead to a detached retina, which requires immediate attention.

How Do I Know if Diabetes is Affecting My Eyesight?

To prevent an adverse effect on your eyesight, diabetic eye care is essential. There are a variety of different tests that can determine whether diabetes is causing any eye problems. Those tests include:

  • Fluorescein angiogram test: Harmless yellow dye will be injected into the arm or hand during this test. The surgeon can then take special images of the retina to find out if the dye is leaking. This shows whether or not diabetes is causing blood leakage.
  • Macula OCT: This test uses light beams to look for any fluid or swelling in the retina.

What are My Treatment Options?

Prevention is the best form of treatment for vision loss caused by diabetes. You need to work with your primary physician and eye doctor to make sure your blood sugar levels are monitored on a regular basis. If blood vessels in the retina have been damaged, Boulder Eyes: Beyer Laser Center offers laser therapy that is able to cauterize those damaged blood vessels.

Where Can I Learn More About Diabetic Eye Care?

If you are unsure if your eyesight is being affected by diabetes, visit one of our doctors at Boulder Eyes / Beyer LASIK. Our doctors will determine the best possible course of action to prevent further damage to the eye. Call (303) 499-2020 to schedule an appointment.

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