Custom wavefront LASIK gives you the sharpest possible vision correction

There are many types of LASIK surgery a patient can undergo, but the one that is the most customized and provides patients with the sharpest post-operative vision is custom wavefront LASIK.


This advanced eye surgery, also known as custom LASIK or wavefront LASIK, gives patients the most precise and personalized LASIK vision correction experience available today.


Instead of targeting the amount of vision correction that an eyeglasses prescription can provide as is the case in conventional LASIK surgery, wavefront LASIK relies on much more customized and precise measurements.  That’s because the wavefront technology uses a computer to determine the amount of vision correction you need, instead of you sitting in a doctor’s chair and changing out lenses to manually find the best prescription for you.


The technology allows measurements to be taken that are 25 times more precise than the lens powers used in an eyeglasses prescription analysis.  Wavefront technology gathers measurement information from hundreds of reference points on the eye, and creates a detailed map of a patient’s refractive error across the entire surface of the cornea.  The resulting laser correction prescription delivers a 100 percent customized vision correction unique to the patient.


Custom LASIK has been shown to be better than conventional LASIK.  Recent studies have shown as much as 100 percent of patients achieved 20/20 or better vision.  Virtually all patients who have undergone the treatment said they would do so again.


Individual results will depend on a patient’s current eyeglasses prescription, the shape and thickness of their cornea and how critical they are of the quality of their visual acuity.  All of these factors are discussed during a pre-operative exam.


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