Corneal Crosslinking for Keratoconus

Corneal cross-linking is an in-office eye procedure that helps to strengthen the cornea if it’s been weakened by a corneal disease known as keratoconus. This is a rare complication of LASIK surgery. This minimally-invasive eye procedure performed at Boulder Eyes involves applying liquid riboflavin to the eye’s surface followed by an ultraviolet light application to help eliminate corneal ectasia. The best candidates for corneal cross-linking are those with no significant vision loss or without a cornea that is too irregular in shape. Some people get this vision correction procedure as a pre-treatment to LASIK eye surgery.

What to Expect with a Corneal Crosslinking Procedure

During an examination before the procedure, an eye doctor will measure your cornea’s thickness and make sure you’re a candidate. A routine eye exam is also performed as well as corneal topography that determines the level of your eye condition. Corneal cross-linking is used to strengthen the bonds in the cornea. This procedure takes about 60 to 90 minutes.

Before the procedure begins, Riboflavin eye drops are placed in the eye or eyes being treated. Next, the surgeon evaluates the eye to make sure that the cornea has adequate riboflavin present. From there, the corneal thickness is checked, and a UV light is applied for up to a half hour. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drops are prescribes following the procedure. A bandage contact lens is placed too. Studies show that 99% of patients receive stability or improvements in the shape of their cornea. Recovery takes several weeks.

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At Boulder Eyes, we offer vision correct procedures to all types of patients. Our corneal crosslinking procedure to treat Keratoconus will help to repair one’s eyes prior to LASIK surgery. To learn more and to find out if you’re a candidate for this treatment procedure, call Boulder Eyes at 303-499-2020 today.

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