Choosing the LASIK center that’s best for you

You have many options when it comes to choosing the best LASIK center for your eye surgery.   So what should you look for before making a choice?


First, when it comes to LASIK surgery, technology makes a big difference.  You want to find a center that uses the most up-to-date equipment and technology.  Advancements in treating eyes continue to move forward rapidly, and only doctors and equipment that stay on top of these changes can give the absolute best treatment that you deserve.  For example, look for a center that uses a sophisticated Wavefront analyzer as part of their LASIK offerings.  It is the most precise treatment available today, and while it may not be suitable for everyone, having that technology available is a sign that the center has invested heavily in your best treatment options.


Second, find a center that will give you a complete eye exam.  While centers may focus on providing LASIK procedures, a thorough doctor and the center he is associated with will undertake a comprehensive eye exam and use due diligence when it comes to the health of a patient’s eyes.  They will make sure the patient has been screened thoroughly for any and all eye health conditions that may impact a positive outcome for surgery.


Third, do your homework when it comes to making sure the center has a good track record with patients.  Ask if you can speak with previous LASIK surgery patients.  Check to see if there have been any complaints or any other red flags that might give you cause for concern.


Fourth, make sure you are comfortable with the staff, the billing procedures and what the center’s policy is for additional enhancements if they are needed.  Sometimes, despite a successful surgery, additional corrections may be needed.  These enhancements don’t always need to take place, but you need to know in advance what the policy is if they are required.


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