Boulder Eyes is Colorado’s #1 LASIK surgery center

Earning the status of as the #1 LASIK center in any metropolitan center is not an easy thing to do, but earning for 15 years in a row is basically unheard of, unless you’re talking about Boulder Eyes.


Started by Dr. Beyer 20 years ago, from the day it opened, Boulder Eyes has built an unsurpassed reputation in providing LASIK surgery to patients in the Boulder, Denver and surrounding communities.


Here’s why…


Experience – Dr. Beyer was one of the first 10 doctors in the United States to perform LASIK surgery and has performed more than 15,000 LASIK procedures since that time.


A quality staff – In addition to Dr. Beyer, Boulder Eyes also has some of the finest eye surgeons in the Boulder/Denver area on staff.  Dr. Don Hamer has more than 25 years of patient care and has twice been awarded Optometrist of the Year for the Pacific Air Forces and United States Armed Forces in Europe.  Dr. Justin Coco specializes in cataract and refractive surgeries and has authored several research papers on diseases of the eye.  Dr. Sheri Rowen is considered a pioneer in ophthalmology as well as an experienced and sought after doctor who also provides cosmetic and skin care services.


Reputation – The reputation of the quality of care at Boulder Eyes has attracted the attention of several notable celebrities who have had eye procedures done.  This roster includes movie actor Kevin Costner and his son, pro bicycle athlete Tyler Hamilton, Ironman Champion Joanna Zeiger, USOC Triathlete of the Year Wes Hobson and many others.


Convenience – Boulder Eyes has grown to include nine locations, including affiliates throughout the central Colorado area.


Comprehensive services – Although best known for LASIK procedures, Boulder Eyes also offers a full array of eye health services, including glaucoma and retinal disease screening, cataract surgery, retinal cross linking, and all types of routine eye care.


Your eyes are your windows to the world.  It only makes good sense to take care of them with the #1 LASIK center in Boulder/Denver area.  Schedule an exam with Boulder Eyes today to ensure you have the best and clearest vision possible for many years to come.

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