What Is an Advanced Surface Ablation?

When it comes to corrective eye surgery, LASIK tends to reign supreme. However, one solution many individuals tend to forget about is advanced surface ablation. Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA) is one of the most useful and successful laser correction surgery solutions out there. To better understand why ASA is so popular and how it can… Read more »

Boulder Eyes is Colorado’s #1 LASIK surgery center

Earning the status of as the #1 LASIK center in any metropolitan center is not an easy thing to do, but earning for 15 years in a row is basically unheard of, unless you’re talking about Boulder Eyes.   Started by Dr. Beyer 20 years ago, from the day it opened, Boulder Eyes has built… Read more »

Choosing the LASIK center that’s best for you

You have many options when it comes to choosing the best LASIK center for your eye surgery.   So what should you look for before making a choice?   First, when it comes to LASIK surgery, technology makes a big difference.  You want to find a center that uses the most up-to-date equipment and technology.  Advancements… Read more »

Comprehensive eye care for children

Healthy eyes are every bit as important as any other part of a child’s body if they are to grow into their full potential.  Optimal eyesight is essential for a child to achieve all that they can academically, socially and physically.   With children, eye exams are more than just about good vision.  That’s why… Read more »

Taking care of your eyes when you have diabetes

One of the damaging effects of having diabetes is that it can negatively affect your eyesight.  Over an extended period, high blood sugar can damage tiny blood vessels found in your eyes, leading to a condition called diabetic retinopathy.  Diabetes also accelerates the onset of cataracts and glaucoma, and it has been linked to neuropathy… Read more »

A primer on glaucoma

Glaucoma is actually a group of eye diseases that cause damage to the optic nerve. The optic nerve carries images from the retina to the brain, giving us the ability to see.  Glaucoma creates pressure on the optic nerve and damages the fibers, creating blind spots in a person’s field of vision.   Glaucoma is… Read more »

20 questions to ask your LASIK surgeon

After you’ve done your homework and settled on a surgeon to perform your LASIK surgery, there are several questions you may want to ask during your pre-operative exam.  Use these as a starting point for a frank conversation with your doctor   What are your surgical credentials?   Are you board certified?   How long… Read more »

What it costs to have LASIK surgery

You’ve made the big decision to have LASIK surgery, but there’s still one big question to address.  How much is all of this going to cost me?   At first, you might think the answer is easy.  But that may not necessarily be the case.  Because it is considered an elective surgery, the cost of… Read more »

Custom wavefront LASIK gives you the sharpest possible vision correction

There are many types of LASIK surgery a patient can undergo, but the one that is the most customized and provides patients with the sharpest post-operative vision is custom wavefront LASIK.   This advanced eye surgery, also known as custom LASIK or wavefront LASIK, gives patients the most precise and personalized LASIK vision correction experience… Read more »

How to make LASIK an affordable option for you

You have already done your homework about the benefits of LASIK eye surgery, and you’re ready to move forward with the procedure.  But the one thing that is holding you up is whether or not you can afford it.   Although costs will vary depending on the type of LASIK you decide to have; there… Read more »

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