Are You a Lasik Candidate?

During a LASIK consultation at Boulder Eyes, we are trying to determine whether you’re a candidate for LASIK eye surgery. During this process, we can make this determination and offer other eye procedures for those that aren’t candidates for this procedure. Our optical team is well versed in the criteria associated with Laser Eye Surgery. It’s important for potential surgery candidates to be as honest as possible during this consultation process to ensure the proper medical decision is made.

Criteria for Laser Eye Surgery

Candidates must be 18 years of age and in general good health. Also, candidates should be free of eye diseases. In terms of eye problems, LASIK patients shouldn’t have lazy eye, a muscle imbalance, or other reoccurring eye conditions that can impede healing. No eye infections or injuries should be present or have occurred to be a candidate either. An individual may not be nursing or pregnant when undergoing a LASIK procedure. Hormones may affect the stability of someone’s prescription, so it makes an individual ineligible until they have three continuous menstrual periods after nursing.

Patients also should not suffer from dry eyes and have stable vision for at least a year before the procedure date. Prior to one’s surgery consultation and procedure if eligible, one must not wear contact lenses for a certain period of time determined by our doctors. This helps with an accurate assessment of one’s prescription as well as a stable cornea. Corneal thickness also comes into play as a minimum thickness of .5 mm is required.

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Am I a LASIK Candidate?