Are You a Candidate?

People who wear glasses often wonder if they are good candidates for LASIK surgery.

A few things to consider when deciding on this procedure include:

  1. Age – LASIK surgery typically works best on people who are between 18 and 65 years of age. Those who are younger than 18 may not have fully developed eyes, while those over 65 could be plagued with cataracts or have other health issues that could make LASIK risky.
  2. Eye disease – Patients who have certain eye diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, or keratoconus may not be able to withstand LASIK surgery. It is important to have a thorough eye examination before undergoing this procedure in order to rule out any of these conditions. CXL, corneal crosslinking may be an option for those with keratoconus.
  3. Occupation or Recreational Activities – Those who work in occupations where contact to the eye is likely to occur may want to reconsider LASIK surgery. If there is trauma to the eye, this could cause complications later. People who work in building and construction trades or those who participate in sports such as racquetball should discuss these activities with an ophthalmologist before proceeding.  PRK may be the best option instead of LASIK.
  4. Overall Health – People who are generally in poor health should not have LASIK surgery. Some of the conditions that could make this surgery dangerous include diseases that affect the immune system such as Lupus or HIV/AIDS. Patients who have high blood pressure, diabetes, or hemophilia could suffer severe side effects from having LASIK surgery.
  5. Pregnancy – Women who are pregnant should wait until after they deliver to undergo LASIK surgery.
  6. Stable vision – People who plan to have LASIK surgery need to make sure their vision has remained relatively stable for at least one year in order to maximize results.
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Am I a LASIK Candidate?