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It’s All About Who You Trust: How to Choose a LASIK Surgeon

Choosing a laser eye center to perform your vision correction procedure is an important process that shouldn’t be rushed. Finding a qualified surgeon can be a challenging process, and there are several factors to consider such as the experience of the surgeon, the procedures they offer, and the type of technology used for those procedures. We would like to say thank you for considering Boulder Eyes / Beyer LASIK, and assure you that you have come to the right place for your Laser Vision Correction (LVC). Boulder Eyes / Beyer LASIK was founded over 20 years ago, and we have remained a leading provider of LASIK in Boulder because of our adherence to strict quality standards and dedication to complete patient satisfaction.

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Your Local Boulder, CO Optometrist Knows Your Eyes

Having licensed optometrists on staff at our office is one of the many benefits of choosing us for your corrective eyes surgery. This sets us apart from many other LASIK providers in an important way. At other facilities, the surgeons may not know your eyes personally like we do from over the years, and you might not even see the surgeon again after the procedure is complete. When you choose Boulder Eyes / Beyer LASIK for LVC, our team of specialists is here for you during the preparation, procedure, recovery process, and whenever else you may need us.

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Our Doctors

Find the Best LASIK Surgeons in Boulder There are several important criteria to look for when searching for the best LASIK surgeons in Boulder, and we have become a leader in eye correction surgery because of our commitment to excelling at them. Here are the key factors to look for when making this decision:

  • Clean Facility: It’s important to stop by the facility you are considering to get a feel for it. Cleanliness will be immediately apparent, and any unsanitary facility should be crossed off the list for your health. At Boulder Eyes / Beyer LASIK, you can expect a facility that is spotless and hygienic.
  • Licensing: When doing your research, you can check a surgeon’s credentials by using the National Practitioner Data Bank. Dr. Beyer was one of the first 10 doctors in the United States authorized by the FDA to perform LASIK surgery, and has been performing LVC longer than any other surgeon in Colorado.
  • Technology: The equipment and procedures used for vision correction are rapidly changing due to industry advancements, so you want to make sure you are getting the latest and best treatment possible. Boulder Eyes / Beyer LASIK uses only the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art technology to provide our patients with the safest and most effective treatment. We also offer bladeless Laser Vision Correction, which eliminates the risk of uneven corneal flap edges and leads to a more rapid recovery.
  • Relationship with Staff: The demeanor of a vision center’s staff, including everyone from the surgeon to the receptionist, should also be considered when choosing a LVC facility. Our staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and focused on the needs of our patients. We listen to your concerns and are willing to do all that is possible to address any issues.
  • Results:  When it comes to your eyes, you can’t take any risks with unqualified, inexperienced doctors. Boulder Eyes / Beyer LASIK is known for being a leader in Laser Vision Correction. Dr. Beyer has performed over 60,000 LASIK surgeries and has trained other surgeons across the globe, setting a standard for LVC. Since 2004, Dr. Beyer has won the Boulder’s Best LASIK Provider Award nearly every year and has built a solid reputation for quality in the Boulder area.
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LASIK Denver

Boulder Eyes / Beyer LASIK Offers the Right Corrective Eye Surgery For You LASIK is the most well-known form of Laser Vision Correction (LVC) offered at Boulder Eyes / Beyer LASIK, but patients have plenty of other great options such as Bladeless All Laser LASIK and Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK). At your consultation, we will discuss all of your options to determine which form of treatment is right for you. Listed below is more information about our most common LVC procedures or click below to Learn More about Four Things to Ask Your Eye Doctor.

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LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK is a non-invasive eye surgery that uses a blade to create a corneal flap. That flap is then lifted so that the cornea can be treated, and then it is returned to its place when the surgery is complete. Results are typically noticed immediately and will improve gradually over time.

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Photorefractive Keratectomy

PRK, or Photorefractive Keratectomy, does not use a cutting laser and eliminates the risk of LASIK flap complications, making it a better option for some patients.

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Implantable Collamer Lens If you have been told you aren’t a candidate for LASIK or PRK, you may want to look into ICLs. An ICL is a soft, flexible lens that is placed in the eye to correct a person’s vision. While traditional contact lenses go on the surface of the eye, the ICL is positioned in the eye between the iris (the colored part of the eye) and the natural lens.  This surgery is most popular with patients who have very high degrees of nearsightedness that can not be corrected with LASIK or PRK. The satisfaction rate among patients is extremely high – above 99%.

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How Much Does LASIK Eye Surgery Cost?

When considering Laser Vision Correction, one of the biggest concerns for prospective patients is “how much does LASIK eye surgery cost?” The cost of LASIK surgery can vary based on the provider and many other factors. There are also different techniques to choose from, which can further affect the price. Boulder Eyes / Beyer LASIK offers competitive rates on LVC procedures, and unlike many other laser centers there are no hidden fees or added charges. All costs are included in your original quote.

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Set Up a Consultation to Meet Our LASIK Surgeons

If you are searching for a center you can trust for your Laser Vision Correction procedure, look no further than Boulder Eyes / Beyer LASIK. From our experienced doctors to our advanced technology, we are able to provide our patients with optimal results. Dr. Craig Beyer is widely recognized as a leader in the field of Laser Vision Correction, and Dr. Justin Coco and Dr. John Bannwarth all have many years of notable education and experience in their individual areas of expertise. To set up a consultation or learn more about Boulder Eyes / Beyer LASIK, give us a call at 303-499-2020.

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