5 myths about LASIK surgery

If you’re considering vision improvement surgery at a LASIK eye center, you may be starting to uncover facts about what LASIK surgery can and cannot do for you, and what to expect before, during and after surgery.  Many advancements in LASIK surgery have taken place in recent years, but that has also rekindled some old, and conflicting myths about this procedure.


Myth:  LASIK means I will never need to wear glasses again.

Fact:  LASIK has a long and positive track record of success for patients.  But each patient is different with their prescription, severity of vision problems and other circumstances.  Chances are that LASIK will end a person’s dependence on glasses for common activities like driving, sports and watching television for many years.  But as a patient gets older, the need for glasses is quite common.


Myth:  The long-term effects of LASIK are unknown.

Fact:  The first LASIK procedure was performed in 1989, and there have been close to 40 million procedures that have taken place since that time.  Through numerous studies, LASIK has been proven to be safe, effective and beneficial like few other types of elective surgery.


Myth:  LASIK cannot treat astigmatism.

Fact:  False.  The FDA approved treating astigmatism with LASIK in 1997.  Currently, treating astigmatism with LASIK is considered a routine procedure.


Myth: LASIK vision enhancements are only short term.

Fact:  Although LASIK improvements are not permanent, LASIK has been proven to be long lasting.  As a person ages, their eyes change, which would happen with or without LASIK treatment.  That is why patients sometimes consider having a LASIK “tune-up” after about 10 years.


Myth:  Many people suffer from glare, halo and night vision problems after having LASIK done.

Fact:  Many years ago, glare, halo and night vision problems occurred in up to 30 percent of patients.  But advancements in technology have dropped that rate to about one percent today.


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