20 questions to ask your LASIK surgeon

After you’ve done your homework and settled on a surgeon to perform your LASIK surgery, there are several questions you may want to ask during your pre-operative exam.  Use these as a starting point for a frank conversation with your doctor


  1. What are your surgical credentials?


  1. Are you board certified?


  1. How long have you been doing LASIK surgeries and how many have you done?


  1. Do you perform surgeries at your own center, or do you travel to another location?


  1. If an unforeseen complication takes place, what is your policy for follow-up procedures?


  1. What percentage of your patients require follow-up enhancement surgeries?


  1. What is the time limit for performing follow-up procedures that may be covered under your office policies?


  1. How often do you see complications after one of your LASIK procedures?


  1. How does this compare to national averages?


  1. What can I reasonably expect as an outcome from my surgery?


  1. Am I in the right age demographic so that LASIK will be an effective choice for me?
  2. What kind of side effects might I expect from the surgery?


  1. How long before my vision starts to get better?


  1. What limitations will I have following surgery and for how long?


  1. Do I need to be concerned about having surgery based on any medications I might be currently taking?


  1. What kind of follow-up visits should I expect? Will those appointments be with you or with another doctor?


  1. Can I speak to other patients or is there a place where you have been reviewed for past surgeries?


  1. What percentage of LASIK patients do you decline to do surgery on?


  1. Have you ever had any hospital or surgical facilities privileges revoked?


  1. Have you ever been declined malpractice insurance?


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